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Transporting Dogs       started by Juz+Helen on 06 Nov 2006   (10225)
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From Juz+Helen

06 Nov 2006 6:00 AM
Hi everyone, We're taking our two Patterdales to Melb Dec 07, just wondering if anyone whose there, or about to go, has arranged the pet transport themselves? I mentioned to the vet we'd have to start getting them ready next year but I need a govt vet to do all the tests etc and he said he was a govt vet, most are apparently, so that got me thinking if we could do it all ourselves and maybe save a bit on using a pet transporter (so far about
From IRBaboon

To Juz+Helen

07 Nov 2006 8:22 AM
Alot of the airlines will only work with agents, I'm afraid.