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Ticks       started by Aussiemove on 10 Nov 2006   (10307)
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From Aussiemove

10 Nov 2006 7:06 PM
For some time I have realised that our TICK system is inadequate. It was initially intended that a tick would indicate 'USEFUL INFORMATION', but it has also been used to indicate Support for the Author - either emotional support or support in their argument. The 'USEFUL INFORMATION' quality has largely been lost. Therefore, as of now, there are two feedback buttons, a tick to SHOW SUPPORT FOR THE AUTHOR and a Blue 'I' for Info, to indicate that this post contains USEFUL information. If the buttons are used for their intended purpose, it will help other people to find useful information more easily. cheers, Geoff @ Aussiemove
From jimboman

To Aussiemove

11 Nov 2006 6:37 PM
Gaffer, This could be abused in the same way as the tick system. Think of it as a highlighter pen. If people want to draw attention to themselves or to other posts they agree with, they will use the info marker in the same way they used the tick system. I do not think that there is a problem on this site. There may have been arguments and a few nasty comments here and there, but the above average intelligence levels of the majority of users, have created a self regulating message board. Methinks you worry too much (LOL) JIM
From Surfdude

To jimboman

11 Nov 2006 6:41 PM
Ticks, I thought you said chicks. Bummer, I wasted my time.