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Cars       started by Chapman on 11 Nov 2006   (10315)
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From Chapman

11 Nov 2006 12:14 AM
2 questions I need help with:- 1. Has anyone out there ever taken their car over to Oz? 2. Is there really no Fiat dealership in the whole of Australia? Here's the deal I adore my Fiat Barchetta and am really struggling with the idea of selling it and my husbands reason for not taking it is that there is no dealership in Australia and therefore it will be too expensive to get parts. Can anyone advise us - PLEASE!!! Thanx Sharon C
From charlieroberts

To Chapman

11 Nov 2006 12:28 AM
no fiat. and beleive it or not... no skoda.. charlie.
From Chapman

To charlieroberts

11 Nov 2006 4:24 AM
Oh well. Looks like I will have to sell. Hope we get one last good summer to drive round with the top down before I do though! Worst is admitting hubby was right!!!!!!!! Thanks anyway. Sharon C
From charlieroberts

To Chapman

11 Nov 2006 9:38 AM
that worked then. ask your hubby when i can collect my $20.. only joking.. :) seriously tho, i've not seen a fiat dealer, or fiat cars. if there were there'd be punto's zipping round everywhere. and a 4x4 panda just wouldn't cut the mustard. all the best, charlie.
From Robshire

To Chapman

11 Nov 2006 12:13 PM
fiat are staring to break out in perth at the moment they only do the punto. they say that they hope to soon have other models like the barchetta. you need to contact barbagallos on they are based in osborne park just north of perth. they do all the fancy stuff? hope it is of some help although even if they did them you would haev to love it like a child as if there is only 1 place you will pay huge money.
From Chapman

To Robshire

13 Nov 2006 5:49 AM
Mr Practical has told me to ask - is it practical to drive round Perth in a convertible with the top down (given the strength of sun and being very fair skinned - slip slop slap an all that! or am I going to end up with the top up and boiling as it doesn't have air con. Do I love it like a baby - almost. Pecking order in our house is Cats, Car, husband -- only joking - perhaps!!!
From jimboman

To Chapman

13 Nov 2006 6:58 AM
Forget sunburn, windburn is far worse. Hot dry air on your skin at 90kph is a killer. Car windows on Aussie cars are used only for the purpose of reaching out for 6 bottles of Emu at the drive in bottle shop. They stay firmly shut the rest of the time. In England, everything is geared around maximising sunlight. We aim our houses south, put in big windows and have sunroofs on our cars. In Australia, it is in reverse. Windows are small and under overhanging eaves, sunroofs are illegal (or should be) and curtains stay shut on the hottest days to keep the sun out. We had a Phys Ed (PE) teacher at our school (Rossmoyne) who drove an MG convertable with wire wheels. He always had a red crusty face. JIM