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Rekkie Perth Nov 2006       started by Sarah_David on 12 Nov 2006   (10328)
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From Sarah_David

12 Nov 2006 4:47 AM
Hi anyone out there reading this Rekki. Brief history of us - We are a family of 4 with 2 boys of 8 and 5 years old. We had permanent residence visas granted 2006 and had to enter Australia by November 2006 to get these validated (as you get a year from the date of your medical to do this.) So our house is on the market but not sold yet. We therefore made th trip to Perth for just over 2 weeks prior to emigrating and have valid visas which is a fantastic feeling. We hope to emigrate in January ish 2007 (house sale permitting!! as this is now all that is stopping us). Arrival in Perth - We arrived in Perth on Saturday 21 October in the very early hours of the morning. Travelled with Singapore airlines for the 4th time, which was good as always. we picked up our hire car from Avis Car Hire, at the airport which we had prebooked from the UK. We have used this company before and were pleased with the car etc. We had a Holden Commadore again, same as last time, big car, lovely to drive (automatic) air con etc etc. Accommodation - We drove straight to our accommodation in Joondalup, a house we rented for the first week with a pool, quite basic but OK for a base and the pool was lovely, big garden etc. The second week we stayed at the Sandcastle Apartments overlooking Scarborough Beach, which was fantastic and waking up to the sea was lovely, as well as the sunsets. There was a pool at the complex as well (heated) and the apartment was lovely and roomy with a laundry room etc. We would recommend these apartments, not cheap but worth the money if you can. Parking underneath in a security locked basement car park. Lifts up to all apartments and of course the views from your balcomy!! Schools/ Areas - My main concern for this visit was finding a good school. As well as trying to make a holiday out of it for the boys, we wanted to try and pinpoint an area around a good school that we were happy with. We know roughly where we would like to settle but needed to do some driving around to get a feel for the areas. We liked Connolly, Currambine and Edgewater the most, although there were other areas that were fine but we just got a good feeling about these. Joondalup seems OK too, bigger than the other suburbs with a definite city centre. I like Connolly and Edgewater schools the most, again just a feeling, and the boys liked them too. We also looked at Kinross, Joondalup schools. Have to say all looked clean and tidy etc, some felt rather big though. We are used to the 3 school system in Somerset where we live so at 9 to 10 years the children go to middle school until 12/13 years and then up to the Upper School. All the primary schools we visited in Perth went from Kindy to 12ish years old and then on up to the next High School as they call it there. So because of this the primary schools felt very big to us, somewhere around 700 pupils in some. There are probably only about 200 pupils in my boys current primary school at home in the UK. Apparently Carramar and Karrinyup are good areas, but we didn't get time to visit these unfortunately. Expensive areas such as Iluka, Ocean Reef, Sorrento, Mullaloo and pretty much anywhere overlooking the Ocean along this stretch are beautiful but mostly our of our price range now, some of the properties doubled in price in the last few years. OK if you want a huge mortgage when you get there, which we want to try and avoid. Prices have shot up since we last went over 3 years ago and it is not just Ocean Reef area, it seems to have effected a lot of the surrounding suburbs too. Places like Heathridge, Padbury are still cheaper but didn't seem as well kept, tidy, with older style houses generally. The 'Touristy' Bit - We went to Kings Park, to the bit where the shop and cafe overlooks the City of Perth etc. Boys love it up there, they can just run around and enjoy the space while we had a coffee on the grass, nice muffins from the cafe too!! There were parrots feeding off the floor which the boys thought was great, and we did the tree top walk which then took us around some little streams and lakes, plus a water fountain in the middle of a lake which the boys also liked, especially when it got them wet. We also drove about 2 kms down through the park from here to a childrens play area with lovely wooden walkways and climbing frames, a huge stone dinosaur and a play area in the middle of a lake (just watch the toddlers, no safety bars here to stop them falling in). Lovely area though with big BBQ areas all over the place, some under shade. There were a lot of groups of people making use of these, they had all taken garden chairs, etc from home and picnics. Went to the Swan Bells Tower, Barratt Street Jetty, Perth City. This was interesting, great looking building, not for those who don't like heights though. They let the children ring the bells, same as ringing a church bell, and you can go up and see the bells in the higher part of the tower too. Fremantle - We went to the markets, wandered around town a bit but could have spent a lot longer here, didn't see as much as we would have liked, lovely old buildings here, lots of character. Rottnest Island - A must see. We have been here before and had to go again. There are lovely beaches here, much like the rest of Perth! with not a lot of people on them which is great, nice shallow water for the boys, who just had the time of their lives, splashing around in the sea all day. No vehicles on this island, except for the odd truck etc for supplies and the buses that go around the island where you can jump off when you like and just pick a beach. We saw some quokkas, small furry animals, very timmid and cute, I will try and post some photos of them. They are only found here I believe. Beautiful place. Hillary's Boat Harbour/Sorrento Keys - we ate out a lot here where there are lots of cafe, restaurant type places on the jetty overlooking the harbour. Lots of tourists come here as well as locals, very popular. Lovely little beach for kids with climbing frames under cover on the beach and nice shallow water. Only about 10 to 15 minutes away from Joondalup and surrounding areas. The Aquarium is also here, again lovely place to take the kids where there is a touch pool and they can gently hold a starfish and sea cucumber. We also went to Cottesloe Beach, not as shallow as Hillary's and lots of big waves on the day we went so we had to watch the boys a lot more closely but like the other beaches not crowded at all. We that's it, have tried to make it as short as possible but it is more difficult than you think once you get typing!! Hope this is helpful for some of you out there.......
From MartandLou

To Sarah_David

12 Nov 2006 7:25 AM
Thanks for taking the time to post your rekkie. We are heading out to Perth next March/April for our first OZ visit to have a look around ahead of a possible job offer. Currently soaking up all info on WA!
From Boot

To Sarah_David

12 Nov 2006 11:06 PM
So Sarah, in a quite liked it then? Hope you'll be really happy here. I'm sure you will. Don't forget to introduce your boys to the coastal bikepaths - they are really fun. Best wishes, boot x
From sandraandian

To Sarah_David

12 Nov 2006 11:30 PM
Hi David and Sarah, Great posting of your rekkie, sounds like you have made your mind up, that Oz is the place for you. We wish you all the luck in the world with your new life down under!! Luv and Best Wishes, San n Ian. xx
From mail2

To Sarah_David

13 Nov 2006 1:16 AM
Hi Sarah_David. Good rekkie. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm interested in the same areas so ur rekkie was of particular interest. Me & the family are also going on a rekkie on 10th Dec 06 with a view to relocate next year. Good luck with the sale of ur UK house. Regards Mark
From Sarah_David

To mail2

13 Nov 2006 8:35 AM
Hi Good luck with your trip in December, dont forget to post your details on aussiemove when you return............
From mail2

To Sarah_David

13 Nov 2006 5:49 PM
Yeah i will, thanks a lot. Mark
From clairef

To MartandLou

11 Jan 2007 5:43 AM
Hi i was just reading one of your messages are you going over on a tourist visa- 1 year and do you have any kids. We are hoping to go to oz in july when schools break up on tourist visa for a year hoping we find jobs and are able to stay, can you help?? thanks
From MartandLou

To clairef

11 Jan 2007 6:42 AM
Hi, we (my wife and i plus an 11yr old) are going out for a months rekkie on the 3 month tourist ETA, but i am hoping for a 'permanent' job offer quite shortly (have had telephone and face-to-face interviews, and a fitness test a couple of weeks ago. If the job offer materialises, then we will be going out again later in 2007 on a 457 (sponsered)visa, after which we will hope to have permanent residency granted, as i plan to work for this organisation for many years to come (Paramedic). There are loads of different visa's for different purposes, you will need to apply for the one that matches your plans, and hope for the best! Good luck!!
From alan9110

To Sarah_David

11 Jan 2007 8:31 PM
Hi Thanks for taking the time to post big tick from me! Christine
From susanne

To Sarah_David

19 Jan 2007 11:30 PM
Hi Sarah & David it was lovely reading your Rekkie report. We have applied for our visa's and are awaiting word at the moment. Can't wait!! Hope you have sold your house, that is my only worry that we won't sell ours quickly. How long did it take you to get your visa's through? We have been told 6 to 8 months. We have friends living at Quinns Rocks and Ocean Reef so looking at around near Quinns really as prices are alittle too expensive as you say in Ocean Reef. Anyway best of luck to you all and hope if you aren't there already that you soon will be. Best wishes Susanne & David Watson
From Sarah_David

To susanne

23 Jan 2007 12:15 AM
Hi Susanne My husband is a carpenter so we applied for a TRA skills assessment first which took a few months from start to finish. Then applied for the actual permanent residence visa with our successful TRA application, we were quoted about 6 to 9 months but actually heard back within 2 which was fantastic, we were notified by email, best email I've ever had and I remember reading it about 100 times just to make sure. We then sent our passports off as instructed, to have our permanent residence visa forms stuck into them. We have not sold house yet, and put it on the market in September which is really frustrating as once sold we are off!! We are looking at Edgewater, Connolly and Mindarie still and having been there in October 2006 we will definately settle in one of these areas as we felt happy with the schools. Every Brit wants to live near Hillary's it seems, but widen your search area and there are loads of lovely places, I've heard that Quinn's is also a good place to settle. Do you have children. Keep me posted on your progess. Sarah
From pinkelephant

To Sarah_David

31 Jan 2007 10:43 AM
Hi Sarah David, It was good to read your rekkie!!! All the rekkie reports for Perth sound sooooo good though!!! We've just started the process to move to Oz and Perth is the firm favourite at the mo! Have tried to research areas to live, schools, etc etc but until we get out there it all seems so pointless!!! I think first hand experience of the areas is essential, though these rekkies are proving invaluable!!! We have 2 boys aged 10 and 8 so schools are important, but also sporting facilities because they are both into footy, cricket and judo!!! Any suggestions for areas? It is all such a minefield!!! Pinkelephant (aka Sarah x)
From Sarah_David

To pinkelephant

02 Feb 2007 11:13 PM
Hi Sarah You couldn't be more right in the respect of move there first pinpoint an actual suburb that you like the feel of, good schools etc but having been there a few times first has given us a much smaller area to pinpoint! So that is an advantage I think, having said that we will settle between, Mindarie, Edgewater, Connolly and Currambine and they all slightly different, Mindarie being a harbour front suburb to therefore more expensive and Edgewater off the level and more places with views it seems to us, even if inland views rather than the see (it is only 10 mins from coast though!) what we liked about these places the next person may not, its just a feeling when you start digging around them really. Schools, just go a visit as many as you can, they are happy to show you around if you phone them first, and some even if you just drop in are very happy to help we found. What stage are you at with you application?? hope this helps a little Sarah