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One year in.....       started by rodandally on 12 Nov 2006   (10331)
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From rodandally

12 Nov 2006 2:05 PM
Hi Just thought I would let you know how Australia is treating us one year on....... Well we arrived in Sunny Perth one year ago and to be honest so far so good - we've had some ups and downs but all in all we wouldn't go back. We left cold Aberdeenshire and flew from Glasgow via Dubai to Perth with Emirates - the flight was generally good however having a 3 year old and 2 year old was quite stressful at times - we took as many little toys puzzles and minature etch a sketch to keep them amused and apart from about half an hour they were good. Once in Perth we picked up our rental car from the Airport and set off for our holiday let! It is a bit of a culture chock when you arrive and I'd say for the first couple of weeks you can't quite believe you have eventually done it. We then moved into our rental - long term in Woodvale no probs there furniture was delivered and felt a bit like home! I had already a job lined up and we had 3 weeks before I started in the hospital. Hubby was applying to the police and underwent all the entrance exams in the first couple of weeks so then it was just wait wait wait. It was quite stressful having to buy new stuff for your house as you had no idea how much things would cost and where to get them from but eventually we began to get sorted! Target pretty much sells everything from Car seats, furniture, clothes and toys - so we used that shop quite a lot. I also liked Classique, get solid furniture and each piece is unique and good value! There are lots of others to choose from its just getting round them all. Then work started with hubby(Rod) still not knowing what was happening. My work were great and very flexible as we had kids and working Mon-Fri was also a new experience for me. Whilst I was working we investigated day care and enrolled in the day care centre - a nice place but our little boy was traumatised at the thought of being left but did eventually settle and now loves it. Rod eventually discovered he was getiing into the Police and started in Janaury!!! Oh yes we did have Christmas in between and it was a bit bizarre having it in the sunshine, we did do the traditional dinner but spent the day at the park - i also tried to recreate the dark cosy feel for the morning by shutting the curtains and having little lamps on! worked a little but it was great seeing the kids enjoying their new bikes on the day and not being stuck inside - however Santa in the sun is difficult to come to terms with!!!!!!!!! So we are now at January Rod has started work and I'm into the swing of it and the kids are in Day care. Great we are settled! We also signed up for a house and Land Package with Commodore Homes and are well on the way to getting settled!!!! It was all pretty good until the kids started becoming unwell and catching every bug possible. We had never been a visitor to the GP but here we were on first name terms - this really got us down as there is nothing worse than the kids being unwell. Andrew our little boy also had a spell in hospital ?menigitis but thankfully a false alarm! So beware your kids will catch every bug going - we have no immune system to the Ozzie bugs, day care i guess doesn't help and the heat just encourages them all to grow!!!!! Well life just sort of carried on. I have found living overhere isn't as cheap as i thought. When your spending GB Pounds its cheap but when you are earning Ozzie dollars its not quite so cheap - they don't really do direct debit here so you get your water bills and gas and electric bills every few months so that knocks your budget a bit! Also i think i could shop more economically in the UK as Tesco offered variety and value where as here the supermarkets aren't always that cheap and the range isn't always there! Anyway where we are now....The house is nearly built we are at lock up and look to be in before Christmas (less than 6 months since the foundations were laid - or slab down as they say here). I'm still in the same job and its ok - Rod is still a policeman and the kids are in daycare. All in all we love it there are much more things to do but it is hard work but the sunshine helps, we still have to work hard and try to make the most our family time. We will stay until we get citizenship and then who knows's!!!!!! We aren't completely settled but we do like it here and are giving it our best shot!!!! Hope this has given you an insight into how it all works! Good Luck in your journey's what ever stage you are at!
From ClaireandDerek

To rodandally

13 Nov 2006 6:51 PM
Hi Allison I was thinking about doing a one year update but you've beaten me to it! Glad to hear your house is almost ready. We get our keys on Friday - 5 months from slab down (Dale Alcock) so really looking forward to that. I can't believe that's our first year in already. Most people who have been here a while say it takes a good 2 years to feel 'at home' so you are half way there. We have been really lucky and have felt settled since the beginning. Funnily enough Matthew (8) has taken the longest to settle. He really misses his friends back home but I think once we move to the new house (Tapping) he will feel more settled. I think if Derek and I hadn't been 100% committed to making this work we may well have said enoughs enough. It's really hard to see your child so unhappy, but thankfully he is now so much better. You sound as though you have had a tough time with the kids. Touch wood we haven't had much of a problem with illness but that's maybe just because Matthew is that bit older than your two and Leah isn't at school or in day care. I know when she used to go to a nursery one day a week back home she was forever catching something! We definately do not have any regrets about coming to Perth. We love the laid back simple lifestyle and although we had a good life back home we feel the quality of life here for us is better. When I am with the kids at Hillary's or at the park overlooking Mullaloo beach I can hardly believe we really live here. However the trade off for living here - being on the other side of the world from family shouldn't be underestimated. This does get me down at times but I try not to think about it too much otherwise I would go mad. This paragraph is not directed at you personally Allison but a general observation! I have met quite alot of new people in my year here and I have found the ones that have settled the best seem to be the ones who accept Perth for what it is. I know it's not for everyone but it does annoy me when people go through this whole process only to arrive and then start complaining that this and that isn't as good as at home! I would say try not to compare (I know it's not easy) and just enjoy your time living here whether it be for one year, 5 years or the rest of your lives. Noone knows what the future holds so for now I am enjoying the sun and looking forward to summer in my new pool (if it's installed in time!) Anyway Allison enjoy the new house . Maybe we will even get to have that barbie sometime in 2oo7! (better late than never). Claire
From Carmel

To ClaireandDerek

14 Nov 2006 12:45 AM
Claire, I'm really glad that things have worked out so well for you and Derek and that your little boy is gradually getting it used to it. Good thing he's not got a whingeing, homesick mum, or that would have been the killer blow for him! Nice to hear from you again on the site. All the very best, Carmel xxx