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Tips for successful shipping day!       started by garforth on 16 Nov 2006   (10378)
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From garforth

16 Nov 2006 12:27 AM
Hi All, We're now at in laws for 2 weeks and I just thought I'd share our moving day experience as I feel that although we were organised to some extent we have been left with rather more luggage to take than we first thought about. I am writing this from a woman's perspective and I am totally accepting the blame for all the left overs! So Mr Garforth can sit smugly reading this from his office at work whilst I am trying to reorganise our suitcases, look after a 2 year old who doesn't know what on earth is going on, whilst ringing round all the people who haven't got in touch with us yet, whilst trying to organise our leaving do, whilst trying to do a million and one other things... We arranged for the shipping peeps to come on Monday as we were completing our house sale today. We thought 2 days would be sufficient to clean it and take our luggage to our in laws. Although they do live on t'other side of Leeds we had 3 lots of road works to contend with so a normal 20 minute trip was talking 45 mins. We tried to organise our clothes in preparation for our 2 week stay in England plus our clothes when we get to Australia, plus what could go in the shipping and therefore not see again for the next 12 weeks. Of course we all know men can live off 2 pairs of knickers and 1 pair of trousers and 1 t shirt which has got paint on from 1999. To summarise lots of arguements we are now at in laws with our 5 suitcases plus another massive football kit size bag full of clothes. Plus all my shoes and handbags coz I couldn't decide which handbag to take on our leaving do! (by the way Iv finally got a sheila's wheels dress). So folks a valuable lesson. Please be ruthless when packing. Ive suddenley realised Ive got 3 belts which I don't need. Im reluctant to take all my left over clothes to charity shop as I still want them. It wouldn't have hurt to put them in the shipping! I think what went wrong was we were so involved with all the other BIG decisions like, money, selling house, insurance, cancelling direct debits etc. We forgot how quickly time catches up on you. I have now decided to donate our old siver cross pram and other stuff we were going to sell. Plus we've got our car to sell! Otherwise all is well! Hope some people find this useful Micaela x
From MikeandTracey

To garforth

16 Nov 2006 12:47 AM
Hi Micaela That all sounds about right, my husband is just like that every time I mention what to take and what to pack he says I only need a pair of shorts and t/shirt whilst I have to sift through dozens of shoes, belts, bags, and oh my god I must have about 20 pairs of jeans that I don't know what to do with. I've had to tell everyone don't buy us xmas presents coz we will be homeless around the beginning of December and all our belongings will have been shipped and theres no way I'm going to have room in our cases for extra's, but you can bet no body is listening and we'll end up with stuff we can't take. Never mind your nearly there now so good luck to you. Tracey xx
From JacquiandAndy

To MikeandTracey

16 Nov 2006 1:35 AM
Hi We are going to be the complete opposite to you, my hubby has hundreds of clothes, shoes etc, as does my 10 year old daughter and 16 year old son, but I can't stand shopping so I don't have that much, he has to force me to go clothes shopping and when I do I am in and out of the shop(yes, one shop only) within 10 minutes (I go usually 3 times a year), my eldest son is the same, we can have all our clothes, shoes etc packed in 5 minutes flat. All the best with the move. Jacqui
From garforth

To JacquiandAndy

16 Nov 2006 2:37 AM
All i'm gonna say is i said '2 weeks worth of summer clothes thats all we need', i expect to set up my own version of a charity shop in Wollongong on our arrival as we will have plenty of stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!