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Remember - STRESS KILLS       started by Robandash on 17 Nov 2006   (10399)
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From Robandash

17 Nov 2006 1:21 AM
Here's a topic I haven't seen on aussimove. One which my may save marriages and/or lives. Cancelling utilities - this is a veritable minefield of stress, frustration, stress, anger, stress, foreign call centers, STRESS, 'press 1 for blah blah' depression, stress and finally explosive amounts of stress and a little misguided teenage angst!! For the last 44 minutes I have been listening to the same 1970s classic rock track from my telephone provider, (this company Talks twice if you know who I mean) Since 1000 hours I have been on the phone consistently, it's now 1415 hours, and only been able to sort of gas, elec, water, council tax and house alarm. So folks make sure you have a bountiful supply of ciggies, coffee, alcohol, pain killers, narcotics and anti depressants, or all of the above. (55 mins now!) Be sure to cancel a whole day of packing/cleaning and your life in general just to try and achieve this seemingly impossible task of cancelling your utilities! God bless England and all those jobsworths who flounder in her mediocratity. REMEMBER STRESS KILLS (58 mins AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH - I have to hang up now, dentist today - it just gets better) Rob