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OMG WE GOT OUR VISA CANNOT BELEIVE IT!!!       started by sandraandian on 21 Nov 2006   (10453)
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From jimboman

To Traceycharters

21 Nov 2006 9:21 PM
I think you need to take lessons in speaking Aussie. Australians use very short words. This is to avoid leaving the mouth open for prolonged periods, thus reducing the risk of letting in flies. Words ending in O (or in your case OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) are banned in Australia. No becomes Nut etc. The only exception is Kangaroo. The word Kangaroo, was invented by Aboriginals in revenge for having their country taken away. The idea was, that colonists, would say 'look, there is a Kangaroo' and get a mouth full of flies. They also invented the word Abbo for the same reason. Abbreviation is the norm in Australia. University is Uni, Paul Hogan is Hogues, Toilet is Dunny which is again shortened to Dubs. Unless you like eating flies, you will have to learn to speak with your mouth shut. Place some gaffer tape over your mouth (like a kidnap victim) and try to talk normally. You will find yourself shortening words naturally. After a while, you will notice that an Australian accent has developed. Hope this is of some help in your new life. JIM