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visit to hairdressers       started by barker on 24 Nov 2006   (10519)
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From barker

24 Nov 2006 5:47 PM
I went to the hairdressers yesturday but they were busy so they could only fit me in for a wet cut, which after getting there I was glad of as, one of my kids friends mothers was there and because she knew of our plans she decided to gob off in salon and tell everyone. I don't mind who knows now but that was the problem, I felt like I was being interigated!!! All I needed was a torch shone in my face and then they could of got ought out of me. It felt great to begin with, as I felt like I offered some great advise and even convinced and sold the idea to quite a few people. Most of there questions were reasonable but a few threw me and some were right bizzare, so I thought I would share them with you and see if you knew if they were correct or not, so here goes!!!!!Don't laugh, 1.) At Christmas do they cook their Turkeys on their BBQ's, but to ensure middle is cooked they put an empty beer can inside to attract the heat so it cooks evenly. 2.) Do pets ever eat the spiders and suffer or die from them, if they swallow them whole and get bit inside their bellies. 3.) Lady was told, she could move to outer suburbs but not cities as that was for the proper aussies. 4.) Can you buy yorkshire teabags. 5.) We call Australia, down under. Do they call us Up over. I think I will be visiting another hairdressers for a while. I would'nt mind but when I got home and dried my hair I had to even my fringe as she had cut it on a slant. I'll put it down to distraction of topic, but it's not very professional is it. Enough of my moan but I hope these questions make you chuckle. Tracy x