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Number of migrants for 2006 / 07 ?       started by craig_northwest on 27 Nov 2006   (10547)
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27 Nov 2006 4:59 AM
The migrant numbers, is not a limit on the number of applications they will accept. The figure is deduced from a projection. Immigration is then controlled by strengthening criteria. If they need a 100 radiologists, and 1000 apply, all 1000 will get a visa provided they meet the requirements. What they try to do, if a certain trade is 'oversubscribed', is change the criteria to reduce the number of applications. In the example just described, they would remove radiologist from the MODL or decrease the point score for the occupation. If you met the criteria, paid a lot of money for the TRA and main App(and maybe an agent as well), it would be a bit off if they could refuse you because they 'had reached their limit for that year'. If such a system existed, the likes of us and you would not be putting ourselves through this 'mini hell'. If you are thinking of applying, and you qualify, beware. They have a habit of changing criteria overnight with no warning. You must qualify on the day your application lands on their desk. Jobs can be removed from the MODL, the SOL, downgraded on points or the points requirement increased without notice. I have fallen fowl of this 3 times in the last ten years. If they had not upped points or changed requirements, I would be there now and would have been there for the last 10 years. JIM