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driving age.       started by tina on 30 Nov 2006   (10591)
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30 Nov 2006 9:41 AM
hiya tina,this how it works in W.A,people applying for their first license learn the rules of the road before sitting the learners permit test and being issued a permit to learn to drive you can do this at 16.learner phase 1,this focuses on how you controle the vehicle in different road conditions,driving habits,and just showing general skill levels,then you have to pass the practical driving assessment before you can move onto learner phase 2,when you pass this stage you are issued with another learners permit.even after you pass this you will still be required to drive with qualified supervisor,ie driving instructor or some one who has held a full driving license for 4 years,sounds complicated but it is'nt,during phase 2 you must accumalate a minimum of 25 hrs of supervised driving and record this driving in the log book they give you with your phase 2 learners permit,after you turn 17 and completed the log book you are required to pass a provisional license test before being granted a provisional license, after passing the test you have to drive under the provisional license,for a minimum of 2 yrs,thats is driving around with a p plate on your car,sorry for going on a bit,i only know this as i am going for my driving insructors license,hope this helps...Andy....