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Importing multiple cars       started by ADChamberlain on 30 Nov 2006   (10596)
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From ADChamberlain

30 Nov 2006 1:35 PM
Can a family import two cars? I've read the fine prints, reviewed the documents, but no mention of shipping multiple cars. Does anyone know? Thanks!
From raoulandclare

To ADChamberlain

01 Dec 2006 10:13 AM
Hi As far as we are aware, yes you can, you can fill a container up with cars if you want!! We found that the second hand car market seems to hold its value far more than the UK but new seems more reasonable, but depends on what you're after. Cheers Clare
From ADChamberlain

To raoulandclare

01 Dec 2006 10:19 AM
Ah, this is awesome! Thanks for your answer! Annie