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Victoria Park       started by Astro on 06 Dec 2006   (10669)
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06 Dec 2006 5:22 PM
Remember Astro, click 'reply to this message' to continue the thread. This is your fourth or fifth attempt at basic computing and you still seem to be struggling to get to grips with it. Also, before you respond to a post,learn to read and comprehend (a basic language skill generally taught to six year olds). If you read my original message properly, you will find no racist comments or derogatory remarks about Victoria Park. Remember to read all of the words when looking at a post, and not just the few that you understand. If you get stuck on any of the long words, there are plenty on this site who will help to explain. I was looking on the MODL the other day and I failed to find your skill listed. It would appear, that 'complete ignoramus' has been removed from the list. Seems you got in just in time. JIM Footnote, I find it amusing, that you find it amusing, that there are people who use this site, who do not live in Australia. Again, this comes down to basic reading skills. If you read the name of the site, it is called (not It is primarily designed to give information to those contemplating (that is 'thinking about') moving to Australia. I know that sometimes it is hard to engage the brain properly before opening your mouth, but to fail to engage the brain prior to putting things down on paper (or on a web post), would indicate a chronic disfunction of the grey matter. I suggest you go and see a doctor.