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I FEEL A TERRIBLE PARENT!!!!!!       started by sandraandian on 16 Dec 2006   (10754)
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16 Dec 2006 2:16 AM
I am sure that you are not a terrible parent, and what you are doing is for the long term benefit of your family. I am pretty sure that one ropey christmas is not going to affect them. Our kids are not going to be getting much for xmas, our house sale fell through 3 days ago,(It was supposed to settle today) It is sold again, but we won't see any money until February now. I now have to keep paying my mortgage/electric/gas/insurance in the UK for another 2 mths. We are in process of trying to get our PR, my Electrical License, I have the GST to pay on the car I bought...So with all that we are absolutely have a job , which is a huge Bonus, but I am having to do Overtime just to get the some dosh..that wasn't in the plan. So my kids wont be getting their usual room full of stuff, but they love it here so I think we have given them something much better than toys. We visted mandurah last weekend...I rememeber you were thinking of going here you are to cheer you up. Brian