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house & land packages       started by Themints on 17 Dec 2006   (10765)
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From Themints

17 Dec 2006 3:29 AM
Hi we went into the WA housing centre display home, and got offered a house and land package for $398k for a 4x2 on 653sqm block in Ridgewood. There is a block of land for sale across the road from us in Somerly for $349K for a 600sqm block. There is a house and land package in Somerly for $465k for a 4x2 on a 400sqm block. Another for $489k for a 4x2 on a 500sqm block. check on this web site for other areas. you can check for packages on this site too. The only thing is with the one we went to see, is the price didn't include, landscaping, fencing, or air con. I don't know if we will build or buy ready built, the prices seem to be coming down in some areas, and there is plenty of houses up for sale, in the part of Somerly behind us, there is about 8 houses for sale, all under $500k, it just depends what size of house, block of land and area you want to live in. We thought of certain places to live before we came out here, then when we got here changed our mind. Some people will tell you to avoid certain areas, usually the people don't even live there, and they have only heard bad things about it?? Everywhere has it's good and bad ends, you just need to drive about and see what you like. There is a suburb close to us that is supposed to be one of the better ones, and houses cost a lot more, but when you drive round it, it's not really that impressive, also one of the residents was in the paper the other day getting charged with a very serious crime! There are nutters living everywhere!! We actually lived in the old part of Clarkson when we arrived, it seems to have a bad reputation on here, but i didn't see what the problem was?? We have been told that when they build new housing estates in Perth, every 9th house has to be what we would call a council house. Sometimes you can tell which house it is, or else the people who own it just don't care?? I wouldnt take advice from people to heart on here about areas, as you don't have a clue about who is giving the advice, and what they have came from, the could be a total snob or a right minger!!! So wait and decide for yourself. Sorry for rambling on! :) Hope you get a good idea from the links i have given you above. Cheers!
From Themints

To jdonna

17 Dec 2006 1:21 PM
Hi it depends on which company you contact, houses are all different prices, we have been round a lot of display houses, ones that were about $159k to $430K. In Somerly there is only 210 plots left, i think it said? The cheapest on my list is $204k for a 308m2 the most expensive is $342k for a 666m2. Land prices vary depending which suburb you choose, close to the beach for example will be expensive. Here's a list of house builders that i have that you could contact. The prices are for house only. $159k - $473k $189k - $306K $148k - $$215k $139k - $