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All Suburbs Have Something To Offer !       started by Ruth on 19 Dec 2006   (10794)
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From Ruth

19 Dec 2006 3:35 PM
I popped onto Aussiemove to aske a question but feel compelled to type a quick response message. I don't usually post on here these days but I feel I would just like to give my take on a couple of things having been a Woodvale resident for over two years now and having known the suburb for the past 11 years. Firstly to call Woodvale a 'Crime Hotspot' is a bit harsh and rather far fetched being as there is crime everywhere you go- in all countries & in all suburbs. I work in the Security Industry and therefore have access to suburb statistics and I would like to reasure those now worried by your remarks that to say they could certainly do a lot worse than to move to Woodvale is putting it mildly. Woodvale is in fact one of the least targeted suburbs as far as car crime and home burglaries according to the stats I work with daily. I took a call from a lovely lady in Mosman Park again this morning who sadly was another victim of a home invasion last night...does this make Mosman a 'Crime Hotspot'? You no doubt would be suprised at the stats I work with but I am not going to slate or rate one suburb against another as this is so counter productive. We all know there are for want of better words 'good and not so good' suburbs and even the so called 'good' suburbs have their 'not so good' areas but we can all only do the best with the money we have and hopefully set up a safe and happy home which I am sure most people in all suburbs from far north to down south manage to do quite nicely. If we all wanted to live in the same suburbs it would be rather a crowded place!