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Wages in Perth - Joiners/Carpenters       started by jdonna on 20 Dec 2006   (10802)
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From charlieroberts

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20 Dec 2006 6:23 PM
i dont wish to pee on your chips but 'kids with nothing to do' try telling that to the guy who got beat up by 30 youths the other night. they were on the street corner. due to nothing to do but hoon around. dont paint a rosey picture jim when you're not here. perth has its problems, like any other town city suburb village hamlet whereever you live. as for wages. chances are you'll be self employed. you'll need a tfn(tax file number) and abn (australian business number) get your self a ute and kitted out with tools etc and ply for work. calling all the house builders, kitchen fitters etc.. it'll realistically take about 3 - 6 months even longer to get the hang of the aussie way. every employer asks 'have you done it the aussie way before?' you reply 'no' they put you with a team member and you learn from them. on bottom wage. then you leave that firm and then say 'yes' to when asked the same Q about the aussie way. then your money goes up. chances are if you stuck with the firm you learned from, they wouldn't appreciate that you now know the aussie way. wages vary between $250/day for fresh pom to $500/day for special works. special works- ie- i know a guy who fits kitchens for a home builder and he clears $500 /day. jammy sod. and the kitchens are- about 4 base units, cooker, oven, microwave cubby, work tops. then you walk away. to the next one. bring any 110v tools. just simply plug in your transformer. they work fine. and they dont have tranniy's here so bring a spare one. no tools in aus are 110v so bear this in mind if something breaks down.. charlie.