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too early for medicals????       started by sallyanne105 on 30 Dec 2006   (10860)
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From sallyanne105

30 Dec 2006 11:23 PM
Hi everyone, Hope everyone had a good xmas. We got our acknoledgement back from Dimia 6 weeks ago, our application was sent off 1st October, what i was wondering is if it is still way to early to think about frontloading medicals????? We have our police checks already. What do you clever lot out there think???? Too early or go for it???? sall xx
From jimboman

To sallyanne105

31 Dec 2006 12:44 AM
We got our acknowledgement in July but only got our CO requesting medicals on 12th December. As medicals and police checks are only valid for 1 year, we decided not to frontload because of the waiting times for a CO. Also, if there are any problems with your app that need clarifying, they will ask for those to be sorted first. Our police checks will expire in June, so we may well have to get those done again, but our medicals (if all ok) will be valid until January 2008. At around
From NobbynSedge

To sallyanne105

31 Dec 2006 1:04 AM
Hi Sally, We applied mid August and had an acknowledgement on 26/10. We were considering front loading our meds whilst kids on holiday over Xmas but had a case officer allocated earlier than we expected on 19/12. We are family of five also with 3 kids age 4,6 and 8 and our medicals are costing approx
From rymerhirds

To NobbynSedge

31 Dec 2006 6:12 AM
Hi, We front loaded our medical and PC's expecting our date to validate our visa to be 1 year from them being done, had a surprise as when we got our visa we have been given 15 weeks!!!!! we had already sold our house so we are ready to go before the 15 weeks is up. Visa granted 14th December 2006 visa to be validated by 3rd April 2007 Donna
From NobbynSedge

To rymerhirds

05 Jan 2007 9:53 AM
Hi Donna, Thanks for the info. We are planning to do a rekkie late March/early April (unless I land that perfect job first of course then we will be off like a shot!!!!)so having a short validation window shouldn't be a problem for us! Paul.