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I need some help please       started by julie27 on 06 Jan 2007   (10925)
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From julie27

06 Jan 2007 6:11 AM
We had our medicals mid December, and whether its a good idea or not we are going for 2 weeks end of January to have a look round (Rekkie?) Now we have never been to Australia, all we have booked is the flights has anyone got any advice on how we should go about booking somewhere to stay i.e. should we have one base or travel around... Me and Hubby and 9month baby. Can you recommend a good website for hotels? We are planning to go north of the river and havent a clue which area we interested in yet. I am going by what I have read on here- Carrine, Duncraig, Kinross??? from there I'm not sure.... Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you xxxxxxxx