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SOR or NOR???       started by trevortracey58 on 08 Jan 2007   (10951)
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From Marshy

To AdamandJenny

14 Feb 2007 9:40 PM
I will have to disagree about Hillarys and Joondalup. Hillarys is a coastal suburb with many $1 million plus houses, how you can lump it in with Armadale is beyond me. There are no really NO GO areas its all personal choice, Armadale, Mirrabooka and Balga are the only 3 I can think of really. My husband works in the city so being close to a train line was important to me. We didn't want to be in the hills as its too remote for us and Mandurah was too far from Perth for my husbands job. Everywhere else is personal choice, take a good drive around when you get here and make up your own mind. EDITED to add I re-read the bit about along the river. Yes avoid, Applecross, Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove, truly awful places.
From moirclan

To trevortracey58

15 Feb 2007 1:39 AM
god ive lved here for years and have never understood the north, south , of the river oh lets not forget east of the river ,funny ive never heard of west of the river. i lived in high wycombe for a few years it had a bad wrap ,[ forrestfield had a worse one ] but other than getting broken into once , and having my car broken into it was fine , i now live in beaumaris [ oceanreef] in a so called dress circle street , lets see, weve had a woman kill her teenage daughter for calling the police hot line about her drug problem , there was a beach party that got outof hand and they attacked a house with machetes, and there was the man around the corner whos son died in police custody with a drug problem he was forever on the tv , one time he blew his car up with explosives and said it was drug lords ?????? eventually they sold , the new owners found a complete car buried in the back garden , it cost them a fortune to remove i suppose they should be grateful thats all he buried , so tell me which is the better area , balga always had a bad wrap but their high school is getting great results with TEE students, as they say ' theres nothing wrong with the world ,just the people in it ' so i would just check out the facilities of the areas you like and go from there . Lesmurdie and Goosberry hill are nice areas in the hills that for some reason dont cost as much as other areas and lesmurdie has good schools , west midland is nice and dosnt cost as much as guildford . Butler is a well laid out suburb and there are plenty of facilities near by, edgewater is also nice 'north of the river' mandurah is growing very quickly and its getting expensive [ i remember when people couldnt give their properties away there because of the algie in the canals the smell was awful but now you need to win lotto to live there see how things change , so fill the car with petrol , get your self a road map , get a couple of cold drinks and a chocolate bar [ for energy] and see what appeals to you , check with local estate agents about the area and call in the local shire offices and see what each suburb has to offer , and call into the local school and find out where there catchment area is good luck