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A Smaller Shipment - Should we Bother?       started by IrishAussie on 10 Jan 2007   (10981)
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From IrishAussie

10 Jan 2007 9:58 PM
Hi guys Myself and the hubbie are planning to move to Melbourne in May. I'm finalising the paperwork for my spouse visa application at the moment, including medical bits and pieces, and have all fingers and toes crossed. We're renting in Surrey in the UK, so while we have some stuff we want to ship, we don't have a lot of big items like white goods or a living room suite. I reckon we could fill 20-25 teachests, plus our king size bed and my office desk and our coffee table. All of the latter are more for sentimental reasons than anything else, but we're agonising somewhat over whether to take everything. The quotes we're getting are around
From GayleP

To IrishAussie

10 Jan 2007 10:10 PM
Here's your answer.........Your last comment ........'There's a flip side to that as well - since I work at home, I feel a need to have familiar stuff around me when we move.' Good luck with what ever you decide!! G
From MomcK

To IrishAussie

11 Jan 2007 12:34 AM
Hi, we're thinking of only taking a small amount of stuff also. We've kind of narrowed it down to a couple of items of furniture and the rest will be tea chests. Most of these will be the kids stuff - toys, books, drawings/scrap books. We've also got a huge amount of photos that will take up a couple of tea chests. We'll probably be taking kitchen equipment (cutlery, pots and pans etc) because it's stuff that you wouldn't get much for if you sold it and it's a necessity when there. I'm sure we'll end up taking more than that when the time comes but don't see any need to take the white goods or much furniture (although I am tempted to take our old dining table that Jim and I bought when we first met!) That's the problem with sentimentality! I think it's important to have some of your belongings around you when you so far away - I'd go with your gut feeling and take what you think is needed. Hope this helps Maureen
From IrishAussie

To MomcK

11 Jan 2007 12:44 AM
That's helpful guys - thanks. You're right about the kitchen stuff, Maureen - I'm attached to it anyway, but I'd get next to nothing for it if I were to sell it and I just don't feel I could justify chucking it out and then searching for similar in Aus - and trust me, I'm just back from Christmas in Melbourne where we spent two full days roaming the Direct Factory Outlet stores to see what we could replace easily! The only thing I'm not bringing is glassware - we've no expensive crystal, and I really can't see us dragging our Tesco wine glasses that distance!
From poppymos

To IrishAussie

11 Jan 2007 12:59 AM
Just wanted to say that we moved over five months ago and we didn't take a lot of stuff with us, no furniture or white goods, nothing like that. It was mainy sentimental, personal belongings. We only got married two and a half years ago and we got a lot of wedding pressies like crystal glasses, pots and pans etc. We have three sons aged 13, 11 and 9.5 months. For our older boys we brought their ps2's, t.v's things like that that you wouldn't get much for if you sold. In fact the biggest thing that we brought over with us was my shiny, new, Silvercross Balmoral pram! I couldn't tell you how much it was in cubic meters as it was my husband that arranged all that but including the pram we had around 17 descent sized boxes. We didn't get anyone in to pack our stuff, we just did it ourselves. The company sent everything out to us, boxes, bubblewrap etc. We packed the stuff and once it was packed my hubbie got in touch with the shipping company and they had a courier come and pick everything up. Only one thing got broken in the move and that was because hubbie dropped it as we were unpacking! Not only that, it is kind of reassuring when all these familiar things arrive from the other side of the world! Good luck with your move. Hope it all goes smoothly. Paula
From Kath_and_Ian

To poppymos

11 Jan 2007 8:14 PM
(49530) has a good feature where you click on pictures of household items, and it tells you the cost of shipping and the cost of replacing the item. We'd already decided to take most of our furniture, but it helped me to justify it to myself.
From IrishAussie

To Kath_and_Ian

11 Jan 2007 11:33 PM
The johnmason website is down at the moment (12.30 on Thursday) but we had a long chat last night and decided we will take our personal possessions and the few 'odd size bits' we want - like our kitchen bin, for instance, because it was a good Brabantia one. When I listed our stuff to removal companies, the quotes averaged at around
From justme2

To IrishAussie

12 Jan 2007 12:25 AM
Hi, When we moved to Perth 11 months ago and we were thinking the same as you and only bought the minimum amount of stuff (which was still a fair bit) However we believe we made a big mistake. You do not realise how much stuff you acquire and once you get your belongings you realise just how much you have left behind that you actually do need. After 11 months we are still buying essentials and furniture etc.. that we had virtually given away in the UK. My plan was to sell everything we could in the UK and then use that money to go towards new in Oz. It doesn
From IrishAussie

To justme2

12 Jan 2007 1:51 AM
Thanks for that Julian. We don't actually have any white goods or much furniture, because we're renting, but we have decided to take what we do have. The only things we're not going to bring are cheap and nasty items that we'd like to replace anyway. For instance, we're taking our plastic laundry basket, our clothes horse, our bin - purely because we were operating on a budget of
From Rob+Tina

To poppymos

15 Feb 2008 9:57 AM
Hi, Can you tell me which Removal company you used? its just that we are not going to take too much either. Many thanks Tina