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Should I take our computer ????       started by mandiepaul on 11 Jan 2007   (10987)
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From mandiepaul

11 Jan 2007 1:35 AM
Hi thinking about things to take with us am undecided weather to take our pc ? It is only a year old and am unsure weather it will be suitable to use over there ? Any comments answers pleasently accepted ! Mandie xx
From poppymos

To mandiepaul

11 Jan 2007 1:48 AM
We took our computer, mainly for the kids to use as we knew we were getting a new one. This thing is as old as the arc! But it still does what it's supposed to and the kids can still chat to their friends on msn or skype and we don't have the kids taking over our new pc! So you would probably be ok to take it with you. Paula
From mandiepaul

To poppymos

11 Jan 2007 2:40 AM
Thanks for that info its a great help on this site to have people share ideas and opinions Thanks again Mandie xx
From jimboman

To mandiepaul

11 Jan 2007 4:35 AM
If your PC is only 12 months old, it is probably fairly up to date hardware wise. As second hand computers are pretty worthless compared to the price paid new, I would take it with you. My PC is 7 years old now but with memory and hard drive upgrades, it will run most software around at the moment. Your PC should be good for a few years yet at least. Oh yes, it will work in Australia or anywhere else with the same voltage. JIM