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packing boxes. anyone got any.?. Pleeeaaaaaase!!       started by charlieroberts on 17 Jan 2007   (11075)
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From charlieroberts

17 Jan 2007 5:28 PM
hey all. short notice (cos i forgot) but we move house at the weekend and i've just realised that we have no packing boxes. *muppet*. Maria is pulling MY hair out! does anyone have any? we live in carramar. for now anyway.. charlie. .
From mcbainr

To charlieroberts

17 Jan 2007 6:05 PM
Hi again we have got about 12 boxes you can borrow if you like we are in joondalup. amelia
From charlieroberts

To mcbainr

17 Jan 2007 8:28 PM
hey amelia. thanks for the reply. a mate called me just as i posted to say that they had some. so we've just nipped to quinns to collect them. so we're sorted thanks. thanks again. charlie. .