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transport       started by kdlaw on 20 Jan 2007   (11136)
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From kdlaw

20 Jan 2007 4:39 AM
hi all on aussie move just a few questions, firstly can anyone tell me the import tax to take a car over to oz, we found out about taking the car,which is about
From malcload

To kdlaw

20 Jan 2007 11:33 PM
Hi Dave/Kerry, Not too sure about the import duty on the car, but you could try the Gov site, if its anything like the Irish setup they might have an online calculator as i'm sure the cost will be reflected in the value of the car, also you might check to see that spares aren't going to be a problem once you get it there!! As far as the electricals go, you should have no problem as (with the exception of changing plugs to oz ones) as long as they are fairly recent as Australia operates at the same voltage and frequency as the UK/Ireland. The only thing you might have probs with is the DVD player unless it is a region free player if not, check out this site look up the make and model and you should be able to hack it to make it region free!! Hope this helps malc
From SLW

To kdlaw

21 Jan 2007 1:11 PM
Hi Dave and Kerry Just to let you know that we bought a load of cheap 4 plug extension leads from tesco before we came out so we only had to change 1 plug instead of loads. It did us for a while as it`s really time consuming changing all those plugs in one go. Hope you understand what I mean!! Sharon