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what can we take when we fly over       started by sous on 24 Jan 2007   (11200)
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From sous

24 Jan 2007 7:35 AM
we are taking mostly everything and are currently bargining with the removal company as they think we may not fit everthing in, although I've had a good clear out. We will be renting a 4 bed unfurnished house when we arrive, so I need to know what I can get away with on the plane. we are allowed 40kg each with Singapore airlines, so I was wondering along with some bedding, quilts etc.. if we could take the microwave,toaster,kettle and things like that. If anyone has taken these kind of things please let me know how you got on. sous
From AMANDA2662

To sous

24 Jan 2007 7:53 AM
Hi, I had some good advice yesterday from a friend who has already done the emigration thing! He suggested we stay in a Caravan/ chalet park and have a few weeks of a holiday before we even think about renting. That way we won't have to think about taking bedding etc as it will all be provided. It's also a lot lot cheaper than renting a house which frees you up to really find somewhere you love when you are there. I have had a look at BIG4 Perth International site and the Karrinyup Water park. They look lovely - with everything provided in your chalet even a spa bath! I think I will try that - have had a look on Aussimove at rentals and am shocked at the cost of weekly rents for furnished houses. Good luck anyway regards Amanda
From sous


24 Jan 2007 8:19 PM
Thanks for the reply Amanda, Yes we were going to get a holiday let for the first few weeks but a rental came up in the same road as my relatives and we've kind of been put under pressure to let it, although it's lovely and my relatives said they will beg steel and borrow until we get our container BUT there is 6 of us. Anyway I will ring the airline to see if you can take things like kettles etc, although I have seen some weird things come out on that conveyer belt. bye for now Sous