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Duncraig - response to Marden 24Jan07       started by lornawatson on 26 Jan 2007   (11232)
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From lornawatson

26 Jan 2007 1:12 AM
Hi 'Marden', we emigrated to Perth in September 2006. We had homed in on Duncraig before we arrived and were able to buy a house here soon after. We absolutely love it and are so pleased we chose here - bit of a shot in the dark as you really dont know until you live here. I have 3 children under 9. There are fantastic family facilities for my tribe - and there seem to be similar facilities in many of the surrounding suburbs. We have the fabulous Carine open space across the road where there are plenty of sporting opportunities and free barbeque facilities - great for socialising. There are numerous leisure centres with larger venues at Craigie - 5 minutes drive - or Joondalup - about 10 minutes drive (and lots to do there too). Gorgeous beaches are 5 minutes drive away ranging from sandy to rocky, calm to surf. The train takes you to Perth city in about 12 minutes (and I've never known it late yet!). My oldest son has truly blossomed since he arrived - it's a really social whirl for him and they're always outside. They are very happy at school and I'm confident about the local high schools too. Having said that I did feel that the general West Aus standard appears to be lower than in the UK and Sam was moved up a year to compensate for this. Maybe it comes more in line as they get older. I suppose it depends what you are exactly looking for but the family life for us here far excels what we had in the UK. Good luck. Lorna