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survey ( been here 2.5 years now )       started by lozwill on 04 Feb 2007   (11401)
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From wheels

To lozwill

06 Feb 2007 3:31 PM
Well we've only been here 5 months but Oz gets our vote hands down. We cannot afford to get on the property ladder so will probably rent long term, we came here with very little money, we only have one income as we have 3 kids and it would cost us too much to put them all in daycare for me to work - we do miss the closeness of family for this aspect of our lives. We lived in a 'hell hole' in Kent where our kids were too scared to go out and we were all miserable, that has all changed, YES it HAS been too hot to do things some days but I don't look for negatives, I am grateful for being lucky enough to have made it here, if we went back to UK now then Mark would be out of work (brickie) we would propably have to live with family until we could get a council house in a barbaric area and our kids would have no future, whereas here it is very much the opposite. We spend FAR more time as a family here and the house layouts help a bit too, we don't go out all the time but when we do it is very cheap and less stressful. I miss my family terribly, I have left behind my best friend - my mum who I love to pieces but we chat on the phone and webcam and they will be coming over for a holiday later in the year - albeit I'm not relishing saying goodbye at the end! I read the International Express most weeks and thats a good reminder of what we left behind and yet another good reason for us not to want to go back! I think anyone who comes here and gives it a go should be proud of themselves and should not see returning to UK as a failure, everyone comes for different reasons with different expectations and so it will not be for everyone but until you give it a go you will never know. Good luck to all who are returning. Michele

To karenandgareth

08 Feb 2007 12:12 AM
We think that we were really prepared for difficult times. Saying goodbye in the UK was so hard, we had a 9 month old baby and grandparents were breaking their hearts, but we always knew that it would only work out here if we were fully commited. We have been and Canning Vale certainly feels like home now. We love it. We speak to family every week and email regularly. However one of the greatest helps has been the aussiemove support network. WE have made so many friends through this and if you are prepared to go along to meets and BBQs you will not feel so alone and can meet new people. at the end of the day we are all in the same boat and can identify how each other is feeling and offer support.