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Once that 'Emmigration Ball' is rolling....       started by janey on 04 Feb 2007   (11407)
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From janey

04 Feb 2007 11:42 AM
When the 'emmigration ball' is swiftly rolling there is nothing anyone can say with words of advice that any British person about to leave for OZ will listen too. Especially from people who are already living there and not painting a rosy picture about it. It's hard for (and this isn't meant to be patronising) people about to make that big move, to listen and 'really take in' the comments from the expats that already live in OZ. Especially when there are some expats that don't paint the rosy picture that most people about to move seem to think Australia has. Perth is a beautiful place with lots to offer for some but it also isn't the place of dreams for others. If most expats were 100% honest I think (in my opinion only) there would be more that wanted to return to the UK than actually wanted to stay? Of course you get some families that love it and it's there paradise, but to lots like us family is far more important (and it took the massive move and