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numbers please       started by richardone on 07 Feb 2007   (11447)
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From richardone

07 Feb 2007 1:15 AM
hi all we are ready to get the removal lot out to give us a price.would like more than 2 to pick from. so any numbers would be much wlcome. HELP! CAIREN
From clairef

To richardone

07 Feb 2007 1:44 AM
Hi Cairen, when is it you guys move? Are you all set for studying? I am still looking into it, I got a number of a place in Sydney called The Hub, they are supposed to organise student viss and try and get you set up at a college, havent heard anyting yet though!! When is it you guys move? I have emailed a couple of colleges but no one has been in touch yet. How did you guys apply? was it just via email or did you telephone first? Thanks for you help hope you get the numbers you need. claire
From richardone

To clairef

07 Feb 2007 2:02 AM
hi claire you need to ring education & training international ( tafa wa)00618 93203777 or email or web site if you ring rang after 10.30 pm hope this helps cairen ps we go on 27 april
From clairef

To richardone

07 Feb 2007 2:32 AM
Thanks Cairen, I will try tonight. I stayed up late last night again to tr and phone The Hub but no one was answering. I have emailed another couple of colleges today so we'll wait and see if I get any replays this time. Wont be long for you guys, are you going to Melbourne or Perth? claire
From JuLee

To richardone

07 Feb 2007 3:02 AM
HI ricky n cairen I see your looking for numbers haw about 21 LOL anyway we got 3 qoutes for our removals from a UK Port to Freemantle Port including Packing and unpacking, customs clearance then delivery to a warehouse if needed for storage (but not including Storage) and then delivery to new home PSS:- 20' Reefer container (just under 20ft)