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A message from perth       started by dondave on 07 Feb 2007   (11467)
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From dondave

07 Feb 2007 6:30 PM
Hi everyone, not been on site for a couple of months as we have just arrived in perth well been here for just over 2 months, wanted to spur all of you still in the uk on, its absolutly fantastic! we had never been before we moved out and although had been tunning in and reading all rekkis was not quite prepared for how beautifull it really is. We have rented a house in mindarie,which is about 30mins drive from perth, there is a fantastic beach and little harbour close by and plenty of shops, schools and day care for the younger ones. most suburbs in north are lovely, havnt seen anywhere you would refuse to live yet! Its all a matter of how close you want to be to the beach and of course the closer you are the more sought after they are, but whereever you are theres always a fantastic beach within a short drive. so you never realy that far away! my husband started work as soon as we got here, so he already settled in to day to day life. kids started school and have made loads of friends. the babies start nursery next monday and i start work the monday after! so all go at moment. im a mental health nurse and have got a job in joondalup hospital which is about 10 min drive away. We have bought second hand car so doing lots of sight seeing at weekends. There is always something to do for the whole family and nearly always free, kids never bored! you just have to invest in the essential items, which are coolbox for picnics and beer! foldy chairs and sun umberalls and your set for fun weekends and evenings! people we have met are all lovely everyone very helpfull and kind and happy, not seen many glum faces! Moneys abit tighter than at home but so much more quality time, and when all your entertainment is free you dont need too much of that horrible stuff anyway! unless you sitting down at harbour dreaming of owning one of the boats which seems to be my husbands favouite passtimes! childcare is slightly cheeper than at home and there seem to be lots of good places. we have enrolled are two into an ABC centre which are located in most suburbs, and they charge an average of 50 dollars a day but like home the more you do the cheaper it is, my two will be going 4 days a week and costs 360dollars for the pair. We found are rental once we were here on the internet, the owners did not go through an agency, which made it easier and quicker, when you go through an agency you view with lots of other people and then make an application, before we arrived there were concerns about the availability of properties but there seems to be plenty, but with there system you just have to be here to do it. Anyway as being abit of a technaphobe i will leave the proper rekkie with important information (fiscal and geographical) and pictures for my husband to do, if anyone got any questions please dont hesitate to contact us. Please please excuse my spelling, good luck and get here soon. that goes to you all but especially wheelan1 and suzy and steve!