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Perth Rekkie Jan 07       started by julie27 on 08 Feb 2007   (11483)
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From julie27

08 Feb 2007 4:21 AM
Me, Gary and Baby flew with Malaysia airlines- have to say they were great. I cant compare with other airlines though as it was my first time flying to Australia. We stayed in Hay Street Rydges Hotel, all very nice. Basically we drove around solid for a week taking notes of nice areas and not so nice areas, chatting with estate agents and then seeing that the nice areas were the dear ones :o) (Iluka, Ocean Reef, Hillarys) Then we decided to head south of the river, initially going past all the industrial places we said omg this is awful, much prefer north bla bla, but got to Rockingham lovely place nice beach etc carried on down and came to Secret Harbour, looked round a show home and fell in love with the place. Carried on down to Manduruh and thought wow! sat having a bit of dinner outside dome on the river and saw a dolphin swim past wow again. We were there for Australia day and my god what a day it was. We couldnt believe how big they are on it, families, kids, teens everyone draped in flags and setting out with their chairs and cool boxes. We had never seen anything like it before. We walked up to kings park and just sat there, nice shadey spot under a tree taking it all in, the view was amazing and we soon realised that pretty much the whole of Perth was doing what we were, as our shadey spot got smaller and smaller :o) The fireworks were great and the next day we expected to see littered streets like we do here after an event, but it was spotless. We soon came to realise that seeing people out with their families and just chilling out either in a park or on the beach or on the river bank was actually the normal thing to do, a wonderful way of life aye. Everyone we encountered was genuinely friendly and we just cant fault the place. We didnt see any creepy crawlies at all!! so that wasn't worth worrying about. Police seem really hot on speeding and drink driving - is that such a bad thing ?? All in all we can't wait to get back there, favourite beach was city beach, not sure why but maybe as it was the first one we visited and it took our breath away. Traffic light crossings made me giggle every time I had to cross a road, I even recorded the noise for my older kids to hear when we returned (simple things please simple minds ;o)) Compared with everyone elses rekkies mine is rather vague and not very informative - sorry. Property prices have risen by 47% in a year and there is soooo much work available its a good time to go. Last bit of good news to share is our Visa was approved today so we will actually be living the dream life at some point this year. xx
From david

To julie27

08 Feb 2007 6:16 AM
congratulations on your visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gillian
From susanne

To david

08 Feb 2007 7:06 AM
Congratulations and a lovely rekkie report! Susanne & David
From tonz

To julie27

08 Feb 2007 9:12 AM
Super rekkie Julie made us feel like we were back there again Good luck with the move Tonz xxx
From samcamp

To julie27

17 Feb 2007 2:52 AM
Just been reading your rekkie and wondered if you had decide where to live when you go you mentioned mandurah is it somewhere you might consider. Really enjoyed reading it !
From julie27

To samcamp

17 Feb 2007 7:50 AM
Thanks, I didnt think it was as good as the others :o) Yes Manduruh was beautiful but it is rapidly going up in price as is Perth. Apparently its the fastest growing city in all of Australia, so being 10 minutes away we felt was pretty good and then we still only 40minutes from Perth. We are having a place built in Secret Harbour. Where/when are you going?
From jimboman

To julie27

17 Feb 2007 7:59 PM
Your rekkie reaffirmed my reasons for wanting to go to Perth. Very positive, to the point and interesting. Well done on getting your visa as well (a fact hidden within your rekkie report, that most would have used a seperate posting to shout out). JIM
From canucks

To julie27

18 Feb 2007 2:27 AM
Read your rekkie.Just a note on your remarks about property prices rising 47% and a caution to others, prices are starting to fall as reported in West Australian Newspaper and in real life as we already live in the Rocky area. Housing is sitting on the market for a long time now and prices in our area have dropped $20k to $30k. Please dont believe all the cp real estate agents feed you they all have rosy coulored glasses.The truth of the matter is the ordinary working stiff can no longer afford a house here.
From jimboman

To canucks

18 Feb 2007 9:15 AM
Looking on the property websites from 12,000 miles away, we can see that the market is cooling. A year ago, a 4x2 would come up for sale and be gone within a day or two. Now, we are seeing the same houses on the market four or five weeks down the line. We have also noticed, that many are reducing their prices for a 'quick sale'. Suits us !! JIM