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Bicklayers       started by tam_n_brett on 10 Feb 2007   (11523)
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11 Feb 2007 2:32 AM
Hello There Tam & Brett You are not being 'thick' at all, NOR is north of the river (the swan river) for some reason is described this way, well we live about 40 mins north of Perth city in a suburb called Merriwa and our 2 eldest boys go to Quinns Beachs school, we are looking into the private secondary schools as the only state one is Clarkson and I do not want my sons going there under any circumstances. We absolutely love living here, but then we were living in a rented housing association house in England so pretty much anywhere is paradise!!!! Cost of living is high by comparison to UK, we came with little money and all that went on 2 vehichles (which are very expensive) we cannot afford to get on the property ladder but luckily rent is very cheap here. We are just watching the market for now whilst we try to save a little. Mark is the only income provider in our family and we manage on his wages. In my opinion, if you want to make it work then you will and we do, it is very tight with little left over but there is so much you can do for free it is fantastic and then there is the fact that Mark is home by 2.35pm and we spend a lot more time as a family - what could be better than that? With regards to your wife being there for your kids I totally agree, our eldest has just turned 12 and he has found it the hardest of all of us, we are all really close to family and he misses them all like mad, despite all the 'plus' factors for him here. It is such a massive upheaval for everyone that it will take time, we are getting there. I have been quite adamant from day 1 that I never want to go back to UK, I DESPERATELY miss my mum and dad but they are coming out later in the year for a month and phone calls are cheap and webcam is free so communication is really easy. In UK Mark worked totally for himself but it is different here, he has been working for some English subbies who have given him such a lot of good advice regarding setting up on your own, Mark is just waiting for a friend to move over later this year and they plan to set up together, in the meantime he is reaping all the advice people are willing to give him. I'll speak to Mark in more detail to find out what sort of stuff you need to supply and will try to post again unless Mick( mmcinaus) or Charlie (charlieroberts) doesn't get there first. The move here is a very scary one, especially if you have never even visited before like us but for us it has been well worth it, but for others it won't be, everyone is different and we have to respect that, you should read as many posts on this site negative and positive before coming in order to get a true picture of the place, it is not paradise but for us it is so much better that what we had and would have again if we gave up and went back. Good Luck with your own journey and we will keep posting to keep you up to date. Michele