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air con thread and Jimboooooooman       started by Themints on 19 Feb 2007   (11759)
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From Luan1

To mmcinaus

20 Feb 2007 2:50 PM
Oh look Mick bitching about someone he doesn't know again (what a surprise)!!!!!! But then its not just people you dont know is it, like the first time we meet you called your so called mate rob a Dic*head was going to keep my mouth shut when things got back to us what had been said but hey your not bothered who you put down are you As for advise you give for bricklayers maybe you should learn how to lay bricks yourself first before trying to help others as for mandy, 'what i am doing with austin' have you ever looked at you man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol enough said look forward to seeing you around Luan
From Luan1

To mmcinaus

20 Feb 2007 6:27 PM
are you having a laugh or what austin done you a favour helping you out on that job you would have never done it on your own and you no it yes it was rob Not bob so no getting out of that one lol as for up yours austin said it will be next time he sees You. Omg i can see all the reply already lol lol lol Get over yourself mick you have bitch about to many people and now it is all coming out Luan
From asa

To Luan1

20 Feb 2007 8:48 PM
Hi Just thought i'd add something here, aussiemove is meant to help each other out, not slag people off either way! But ouch some nasty things being said and i dont know any of u!! I'm guessing you all met through AUSSIEMOVE and if thats the case im guessing your start putting people off posting on here or even listening to anyones advise! Maybe aussiemove could ban people from using this site for this sort of behavour? Even better send them back to the uk!
From mattthebutcher

To Kieren

21 Feb 2007 8:08 AM
hi mate, didnt suggest you did, was just saying its good for you to be back posting after your self imposed exile!! the reason being that you have a lot of good info for the peeps who are planning on moving over to oz, and it was a waste of a great help afterall the help you, gary and ushas gave us,strengthened our desire to see our move through! will catch up with you and a beer in a couple of weeks best to all the family matt
From jimboman

To zigzag

21 Feb 2007 8:30 AM
Clever hey. I respond to a post and everyone gets narky and a huge fight starts. I stand back and watch the fight. It wasn't my intention to drag all you lot from your slumber and into a scrap,(where have you all been?), but hey, it works and is bl00dy entertaining. JIM