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living the life of andy (as kev says)       started by cazandy1 on 24 Feb 2007   (11880)
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From cazandy1

24 Feb 2007 11:52 PM
Hiya every one,dont post on here much but read the discussion board most days,very entertaining it is,well most of the time,i like it when the odd argument starts up and you aussie move peeps fall out or have the occasional disagreement,one or two lately but hey it all makes good reading,sad i know but it takes all kinds,lol,it would be a very boring place if everybody agreed with one another.What makes me smile is when somebody has something bad to say about perth,well god help them ,how dare they say something bad about perth or w.a, you hear loads of the positive stuff but when some one posts something negative well look out,let them have their say its their opinion,obviously perth, w.a isn't for them or they are just airing their views.We have been here nearly 10 months now and can honestly say its a lovely place but it has'nt been easy, we new this and are prepared to give it the two yrs we said we would. I came over as a builder,general builder that is where i served my apprenticeship doing all of the building side e.g plastering,building,tiling,concreteing,etc,he'll be ok for work then i hear you say,not true they like you to specialise in one trade here so were'nt to keen to take me on,a blessing in disguise really because i wanted out of the building game after 20 odd yrs so now im training to be driving instructor,mad or what,sorry for going on abit,what im trying to say is let people have their say,if they think perth is shi*te so be it,let people find out for themselves,some will love it some will hate it.After the two years here who knows what will happen,i dont know, is two yrs enough but there is one thing for sure it wont bother us trying some where else in aus to live,quite fancy Queensland actually ,we'll see....