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RE:What to take??       started by limar on 12 Apr 2004   (1203)
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From limar

12 Apr 2004 4:41 AM
hi I've discussed this with my hubby a few times....At one point we decided to take the bear essentials, then to trunk up the important electricals and stuff and then to take everything we could possibly pack into a container!!! The other day my mum mentioned that when my sister migrated, when I was small, they took very little, (three suitcases and a trunk!) and she, my sister, really regreted having to rebuy all sorts of stuff and would have preferred to take it all. I think once we have priced up a container vs rebuying we will probably take as much as we can, although it will have been thinned out to some extent......I know it's a new life and you could start a new life with new stuff but it's more convenient to take alot with you.
From Ali_G

To limar

12 Apr 2004 5:22 AM
Hi we will be doing this move for a second time!! our first official migrate we took everything and was glad to have done so... also brought it all back again plus more.. We are definitely taking everything except the freezer! the kids intend on having a car boot to get rid of their toys then with the hope of buying new! I would recommend you take most things as electricals etc are expensive ( although from a female perspective - shopping is alot more fun!) Alison
From portkennedy

To limar

12 Apr 2004 11:05 AM
Hi guys We suggest for anyone who is moving here the best thing to do is bring everything! Since we arrived about 6 years ago we have spent a fortune buying things we disposed of in the UK which in hindsight we should just have packed. Not talking about large items as we brought them but silly things like nuts/bolts shed stuff you know the things you use sometimes & acquire over the years. If you are bringing a full container just fill it with everything & dispose of what you dont need when you get here. We found it hard for the first few weeks because we had to buy things just to live as we rented an empty house so in the end doubled up on lots of things. I suggest you find yourselves rented furnished accommodation for the first few weeks until your goods arrive & this way youre not spending lots on things you need for the short term it works out cheaper in the end. This site has rented accommodation & there are other sites too like as well as lots of realestate sites which have rented accommodation for short term rental. Hope your moving plans go well & you soon arrive in sunny oz.
From Jane23

To Ali_G

12 Apr 2004 8:04 PM
Hi Alison, Thanks for that, I am now away to show my husband!!!!
From Jane23

To portkennedy

12 Apr 2004 8:16 PM
Hi there, Thanks for your comment it is very useful and we will definately check out the websites for rented accommodation. Cheers Jane