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Appliances       started by JanethC on 12 Mar 2007   (12219)
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From JanethC

12 Mar 2007 12:59 PM
We will be moving to Perth in May 2007. I want to know if we can bring a multi system appliances (TV, flat iron, DVD) from Manila Philippines. Appliances here are from 220-240 volts and have 2 flat prongs (parallel to each other) and do no have a 3rd prong for the ground.
From Themints

To JanethC

12 Mar 2007 1:32 PM
Copied from this site section: The Move. Australia's electrical system is 240V therefore, in general, UK appliances are OK. European appliances should be OK, but we suggest you check with a manufacturer or electrician. From US or Canada, you have a problem, unless you can get your appliances modified. You can buy a 240V-110V step down voltage converter (transformer) - see for more. Australia uses a 3-pin plug (see photo), which you can buy at hardware stores and supermarkets. Australian Electrical Plugs The Australian electrical plug - usually 3-pin, sometimes 2-pin for double-insulated appliances that do no need to be earthed. You can buy replacement plugs from most hardware stores and some supermarkets. A tip for migrants from UK - to avoid having to replace all your plugs immediately, why not take a UK extension board, change its plug to an Aussie one when you arrive and run some of your appliances from it until you get round to changing them all. Especially useful for computers and accessories.
From JanethC

To Themints

12 Mar 2007 1:49 PM
Thanks for your urgent reply. How much is a voltage transformer there? Also, if we have to change the plugs ourselves are we allowed to? or do we get a certified electrician to do it? What's the cost? I also have a 60' Philips 2000 model TV (110 volts). Manual do not say if it is a multi system. It was manufactured from the US. Can I use it there?
From malcload

To JanethC

12 Mar 2007 8:18 PM
Hi Janeth, You would be able to buy & change the plugtops yourself and if you are unable, im sure you could find an odd job man or neighbour to help you out. As far as the TV is concerned, i would advise you to contact phillips directly and get a definitive answer, regarding the step down/up transformer, you shouldn't need one if your appliances are 230/240v, if they are 110v, maybe calculate whether its worth bringing them at all, for the sake of a toaster/iron etc, these things are prctically through away items, or maybe sell them in the local paper!! malc
From JanethC

To malcload

13 Mar 2007 2:02 PM
Hi, Many thanks to your advice. Also, my 60' Philips TV I think is on NTSC system (no reply from the manufacturer in the US). Do you have a converter or a digi box that I can buy so I can get convert it to multi system?