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am i being silly       started by LOZZ on 13 Mar 2007   (12242)
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13 Mar 2007 11:06 PM
Dear Lozz, This is a major deliberation that i think just about eveyone goes through . Everyone is of a different character , and what someone finds good , funny and exciting another person may find to be dull and boring . I dont know your financial circumstances but i would suggest that if you have a reasonable amount of money to bring to oz then that is a start . If you are used to 2 hols a year then to to be able to achieve things like that in Perth you will need either a small mortgage or a good wage , upwards of $ 75,000in my opinion or preferably both . As has been said numerous times , things that you can do here are free , beaches , parks etc , but in my opinion Perth aint cheap by any means . As i said it depends on what you want from Perth, We came with the idea of a better life for the kids , and although my own peronal circumstances took a wrong turn , i came to the conclusion that Perth is not particulaly a bettter life just a very different life , The beaches are fantastic and the parks clean etc there are know gangs roaming the streets ,in fact if you see anyone after 8.30 pm you will be doing well . Also i feel not having family out here makes it difficult , i knew the score before i came but the reality is differnt. We are lucky in that we made some good friends , but my wife and i very rarely get time to socialise together and it is stressfull having kids 24/7. I am very outgoing sort of a guy , the bar and pub scene is quite bland , Subi, northbridge accepted . Up NOR there is not much happening , but again and i stress it is the type of people you are and what you find interesting . If you want to avoid the hustle and the buzz of everday life in the UK then IS Perth maybe for you . If you like going to peoples houses for Bbqs and drinks every weekend then again perth would suit . But for me apart from the weather and the beaches Perth isnt for us . Iam pleased that i made the move and have enjoyed it but for us there is more to life than that .That said , if you dont try it you will never know , i reiterate , we are all different , There is no right or wrong , just individual preferences. I hope this helps Lorraine
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13 Mar 2007 11:27 PM
Hello Lorraine, I