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Shipping a car       started by richard+lindsey on 30 Mar 2007   (12580)
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From richard+lindsey

30 Mar 2007 5:17 PM
Hi We are currently going through the visa process & are considering shippig our BMW X5 out there. Does anybody know if it is worthwhile? I realise it will be quite expensive but its weighing up whether which loss is greater the shipping costs or the amount i stand to lose on selling the vehicle over here. Cheers
From Kieren

To richard+lindsey

30 Mar 2007 5:31 PM
Also take into account the 'imported car' factor if you would ever want to sell in Aus later. Even though its a current model over here at the mo, you may have probs selling it later as it would have 'imported' on the documentation and would not be a pucker dealer import. And into the equation shipping, cleaning, official clearance and all that jazz. Insurance companies can also be a bit funny with import models. I own an Jap import '91 Toyota 4x4 and have experienced this problem in particular when trying to insure, even though its identical to the same Aussie sold model. Just something else to consider.... KIEREN
From m12345

To Kieren

10 Apr 2007 9:35 PM
How old is the car? If it's reasonable new (2000+) I'd say 'do it' As a grey import it'll be worth less than a local car, but it'll hurt your pocket to sell in the UK and buy the same over here. Of course you'll need to do your own research, especially into import duties. Keiren's right, you may have problems selling it, but in Perth people tend to keep their cars for ever. You'll still enjoy driving it... Have a look at a few other posts I've made under user m12345 going back to mid 2006. I've plenty to say on the subject of personal imports! Mark
From Chantelle

To m12345

10 Apr 2007 9:48 PM
(58590) - import export - importing goods - importing a motor vehicle - there is a pdf doc on that page with the costing. - motor vehicles - costing