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17 & having a ball       started by di_chris on 23 Apr 2007   (12958)
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From di_chris

23 Apr 2007 1:43 PM
After the hardest 3 months we had ever experienced our daughter Nikki finally settled in. She met Andrew at christmas and has been dating him ever since, and now she never mentions her old friends and she is really enjoying her new life. Nikki had her school ball on friday, she looked fantastic, she was so happy and had a really good evening. Andrew is a really nice lad, and takes good care of Nikki, they are always off doing something or other and she would never dream of leaving Oz. She says we can go back but she will be staying here. To those who are also having problems with teenagers, please stick it out. We had many heartbraking times at the start and thank all who gave advice and support. Chris & Di