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Just picked my cat up from Byford       started by rymerhirds on 03 May 2007   (13198)
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From rymerhirds

03 May 2007 3:11 PM
We took Holly to the cattery in England on the 23rd Feb and she flew out to Perth on 2nd April (due to no space for her at Byford). At long last my cat Holly has done her 30 days in quarantine and she's home with us now. She seems to really like the space in the house as she's been in a small space for such along time now, she seems really relaxed and happy and she's just used the litter tray, (it's like your childs 1st wee on the potty) lol Oh and a big thank you for San for coming with me and having Holly moaning all the way back. Donna