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First home buyers - good news!!!       started by leigh_and_ross on 10 May 2007   (13343)
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From leigh_and_ross

10 May 2007 5:46 PM
This is important for everyone coming over to Australia who will be purchasing a property!! Check out more details on FIRST HOME BUYER STAMP DUTY EXEMPTION Strong house price growth in recent years has made it increasingly difficult for potential first home buyers to purchase a home. In recognition of this, the Government is providing total tax relief in this Budget worth $350 million on this initiative over the next four years to 2010-11, with $80 million in 2007-08. With immediate effect as of midnight 9 May 2007, the first home buyer exemption threshold will be doubled from:
From Kieren

To jimboman

18 May 2007 5:32 PM
I don't honestly believe the skills shortage is in the domestic sector, but in the mining/heavy industry sector. I also think (from reading of papers, watching news, etc), and again this is only my opinion, is that its not a 'skills' shortage as such. The biggest prob here is getting people to do more mundane jobs, as those leaving Uni etc are being enticed by the big bucks of mining/heavy industrial, therefore leaving few to do other jobs such as retail and (brain freeze - must be using Windows! - whats the word I'm looking for - restaurant staff, waiters, etc?). New rules are just coming in whereby people have to be trained and hold a certificate that allows them to work as a bar staff. Why should anyone want to train to do that, when they can walk out of Uni and into a job paying massively over the odds as a starting salary, work away from home for 18 months or so, come back and buy a property outright? 'I' think this is where the problem lies. Mining companies holding a monopoly over everyone else. Even the chefs in the mining towns (not wanting to be degrading, my Dad was one of those many moons ago), earn considerably more than many trained professionals in the city. Due to personal circumstances we too had to live for our last few years an an extremely tight budget in the UK living (in my mind) in a lesser house as we were driven out of the market. I had made promises to my wife of how much better thingsd would be here, how we would have more spare time, do more things together, etc. But in a short space of time those little things got further out of reality. Yes, we now live in a decent property but I am more financially broke than I have ever been in my entire working life. All the talk of going to the beach and enjoying everything is, if you do not live on the west side of Marmion Avenue, still a big problem when you struggle to fill the car with fuel to get you there. Whats my point? Well Perth isn't always the rosey nicely-nicely picture its always portrayed to be on the TV. Yes, it is a beautiful place to live (and I personally still prefer it to the UK, even the times when I feel as low as I have ever felt), but the holiday newness of it all soon diminishes when you start having to 'live'. Paying the bills, mortgage, etc, on a salary that barely covers it all. I am paid as high as my profession currently dictates. Yes I could get a second job but that would give me less time with my family. Yes my wife could work. But we have also weighed that up, and the cost of daycare etc would eat up that money so we would be no better off, so whats the point? For anyone moving here (especially Perth), make sure it is what the WHOLE family want, and think long and hard about the move. I don't wish to sound like a 'dark cloud' or put anyone off, but this is just a post of reality, from someone who moved here with an average amount of money in a regular job with a small family, and maybe, in hindsight, expecting just a little more than is currently on offer. Well look at me going on! Never meant to type this much....!! This was never meant to be a 'anti-move' post, and I am actually (believe it or not) very happy here, before anyone thinks otherwise. But we could be much happier....and only time will tell if we move ever move back to the UK. Personally, I would rather not. Anyhow, now I've depressed a few, I'm off to pretend to do some work this arfo. Best wishes to all. KIEREN ps. Just got back from a lunchtime beer at work and feel a little cr@p, so its a truthful post with a few inhibitions removed! Not to mention the $7.50 pints!!! Oh the wish for cheap beer again.....!! Anyone qualified to serve me?!