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Tips on settling into life in Australia       started by Ljenks on 22 May 2007   (13619)
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From Ljenks

22 May 2007 11:45 PM
There's been a lot of posts on here recently with various views on Australia. I've had a very up and down journey but have now found a part of Australia where I'm very, very happy so I thought I put a few things down on what helped me to settle: Join clubs - social or sporting, help out at the school, smile at people - the Aussies are very warm and welcoming (most of them),bring warm clothes - it gets very cold at night in Perth at certain times of the year and yes you will need heaters! bring your pets if possible - they help you to settle and you don't have to wonder what's happened to them, do your research before you come to Australia in respect of job prospects (certain trades/occupations are better suited to certain regions), the cost of living etc, don't whinge - one thing I hated was people who came to the UK and moaned about it - my reaction was always if you don't like it leave - so why should it be different here, don't be afraid to tell people you feel lonely - they can be very supportive, I joined a yoga class here - not at an expensive gym but a local one, not only is it relaxing I've met some lovely people, when you get bad days (which you will) accept that this is a perfectly normal part of the migration process and nearly everyone else has felt like this at some time, manage your expectations - this is not a utophia but you can have a great life. I'm sure other people have got useful tips on settling and I'm sure those in the UK who are in the process of moving over would like to hear them.
From Ljenks

To dor34

23 May 2007 11:37 AM
Hi Dor Thank you - like I've said it hasn't been an easy journey for me but now I'm very, very happy. A few more tips for any aussiemovers out there: Don't rent in an area you can't afford to buy - especially if you have children as you will then face the dilema of continuing to rent and never getting on the housing ladder or uprooting your children again In Perth - look at the less fashionable suburbs. You can still get a property for less than $350k - look at the older suburbs - Kenwick, Maddington, Huntingdale and for properties that have been on the market for a while. OK it may not be your dream home but at least it will be an affordable start - the dream home can come later or you can buy another property. And I know I'm repeating myself but really research the employment opportunities for your trade/occupation and another tip when you come over men (or women) get a fork lift ticket. There is so much work for people with fork lift tickets. It may not be your dream job but they pay is good and if you work on a casual basis you're earning money whilst you're looking for that ideal job!! Find out the average wage for your occupation and compare that to housing/rental costs - you should take this into account when deciding where to settle because having financial pressure in addition to all the other overwelming emotions can bring people to breaking point. ANZ do a mortgage if you have an ABN (and you only have to have your ABN for one day) and if you put a 40% deposit down on a property they will lend you the remaining 60%. Finally never give up on your dreams. I'm proof that if you stick with it you can have a very happy life here and a much better one.
From Davyfella

To kangaroojack

23 Aug 2007 8:15 AM
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