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mr meaners mispent youth       started by tiktak on 09 Jun 2007   (13901)
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From paul+jan

To tiktak

09 Jun 2007 7:39 PM
well here,s one that was very close to my heart. i was just like your hubby, in and out of trouble all my early teen yrs. never went to prison at all but ended up in an approve school (for naughty boys). much later on in life (only 5 yrs ago actually) i got in to a fracase in a night club, i was 44 at the time, with my wife, owner of my own company never been in trouble with the police since i was sixteen. I got convicted of GBH even though i got glassed in the forhead and i was set upon by 8 youths. the whole thing was a load of bollocks but i was told if i was to sue the police i would be put out of business within weeks.(that was from my barrister).this is a story that could go on & on, the upshot is my wife and me are on that big bird on the 28th july and never coming back to this shit hole of a country again.Yes, i got me MY VISA. your hubby has nothing to worry about. all the best for your new life & remembre(be possitive). paul.
From jimboman

To Davyfella

10 Jun 2007 7:33 AM
The thing is with plumbers, is that they have very strong right arms. They also have very short tempers. Looking forward to meeting you. Ha Ha ha JIM PS (sorry for copying you Kieran) (I haven't lived there for over 40 years, but I know everthing, and you are all wrong Blah Blah...................') Actually it is 28 years since I left as a resident, but I have returned many times as a 'visitor' and some of those times have been long term. When was the last time you lived there? And when was the last time you made a positive contribution to this site? If all you can do is slag people off for making an effort, then Belfasts gain will be Australias Loss when you are granted a visa. Ershole (did I speel that right?)
From Jul_Ian

To jimboman

10 Jun 2007 8:17 AM
Hi all, After a takeaway and a few glasses of wine, I thought I'd have a quick surf (on my pc not the sea!), before I went to bed. I suddenly realised why I keep coming back!! Posts on here never fail to make me laugh. Gawd, imagine if we Aussiemovers were all put in one room with our Aussiemove names (can't remember what the proper word is - possibly the wine!!!) above our heads, WOW, world war III. Never a dull moment. Julia