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Just a few packing cases ?       started by James007 on 03 Jun 2004   (1500)
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From James007

03 Jun 2004 6:08 AM
I've heard it costs approx.
From Aussiemove

To James007

03 Jun 2004 8:41 AM
Hi, There's certainly a good argument for doing this - whether it makes more sense than shipping the lot will depend on how much your furniture/appliances are worth, whether it's near replacement time anyway, whether it has sentimental value, etc. Each household will be different. Also, there are economies of scale - a few cartons will still cost you a few hundred, maybe
From robandmel

To James007

03 Jun 2004 7:15 PM
we are taking all our worldly goods with the exception of furniture such as sofas etc. Everything else including Electrical items, even bikes, ladders etc is coming. For this we have a quote for 150 cubic feet worth of space in a shared container. The cost (Including 6 months storage in the Uk at about 8 quid a week as we are travelling round Oz for a bit first)) for this by our shipping company of choice including full Insurance is about 1.5k by way of comparison. You may be able to get this a bit cheaper if you push them. They do seem happy to negotiate in my experience.