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Hose Pipes       started by Ruth on 22 Jun 2004   (1592)
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From Ruth

22 Jun 2004 2:17 AM
Hi Has anyone taken a garden hose with them.. We have a fairly new hose on a real, not sure if we should take it. Also we have a Dyson, its fairly old(3 yrs) and a bit Kna*****d, do you think it will attract the customs men, is it worth taking. I know they are very expensive out in Perth but we could go for a cheaper cleaner if it is best to leave behind? Many thanks Ruth
From kellyxly

To Ruth

22 Jun 2004 11:36 AM
We did not bring a garden hose and never heard of anyone who has! As for the vacuum, that will def attract customs but if you give it a thorough clean it should be OK. We had a Dyson in the UK but chose not to ship it and bought a cheapy hoover when we got here. However, I think that once you have had a Dyson, no other vacuum cleaner will do. We bought a house recently and wanted a Dyson to get to the carpets properly so bought another one - Hoorah! We got the cheapest upright model and it was $550 from Myer Kelly
From MezAndAnne

To Ruth

20 Jul 2004 10:53 PM
We were going to bring our garden hose with us, but PSS have advised us that we would need to not only clean it very thoroughly (as it is a garden-based item) but we'd also need to ensure that every last drop of water had been removed from inside the hose (otherwise it can cause damp/condensation in the container - not good news!). So we're definitely leaving ours. Mez+Anne
From mike

To MezAndAnne

21 Jul 2004 12:14 PM
I bought a hosepipe in Bunnings (big DIY, garden, etc warehouse - like Wickes or Homebase) including all attachments for taps etc for under 20 bucks recently. Not really realted but a slightly amusing story - we moved to Perth last Nov and since then friends back in blighty keep sending things like galaxy chocolate to us and asking if they can bring any clothes or anything else when they come to visit later in the year. They seem to think that Perth doesn't have any modern day consumer products on sale. We've told them that it's actually quite a big place and we have roads and cars and shops and that wild animals aren't often seen roaming the city streets (except after late night drinking on Friday!). But I'm sure they don't believe us. It will be interesting to see what survival kit they bring wneh they visit :0) And my Dad was on the phone the other day - he'd seen a tv programme about Perth and was surprised to learn that we had a Motorway. I explained that we had a few 'freeways' and very good road system in general. He must have thought we'd bought a 4WD vehicle because the city roads were all dirt tracks or something ! Anyhoo, sorry, way off topic and irrelevant. Just made me smile to imagine how some, aledgely intelligent people, percieve Perth.
From Ushas

To mike

21 Jul 2004 4:41 PM
Too right... I lived in Perth for 27 years before coming to live in the UK and we're headed back home in January. I have had some truly bizarre perceptions shared with me. I had some Americans (Ok they're easy targets) convinced that I rode a Kangaroo to school and had a pet emu. I also told them that I had koala steaks on the bbq and it just goes on. The sad thing is that they believed every word. My Aunty from the UK expected there to be someone shooing the roos off the runway as the plane came in. Hahahahaha... Sorry but some peopel are naive. The number of times I've had to explain that we have electricity and everything now.. *sigh*