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Transport costs       started by claireandmartyn on 12 Jul 2004   (1702)
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From claireandmartyn

12 Jul 2004 3:31 AM
I have the contents of a one bedroom flat in storage at the moment. Nothing of sentimental value, but basically all the furniture and equipment one might need to set up home again in Australia once we arrive. Can any one give me a rough idea of the likely cost of transporting it, which is a good firm to do the job and how long it would take from collection in the UK to delivery in Australia? Would it be cheaper to start again than to pay transportation costs?
From Ali_G

To claireandmartyn

12 Jul 2004 7:26 AM
Hi again If you look at PSS website you can complete an online quotation and they will post a quote to you once they have determined how much space you will need in a shared container. The journey time I believe is anything between 5-7 weeks depending on where you are off to and if you go direct. Also, if you put 'removals' in the search for text box you will see alot of the previous postings on this subject. I suppose you will need to way up the cost of replacing these items and there are also links to retailers on this site, compared to the cost of shipping, many years ago when we first moved we had the contents of a one bed home and took things like fridge, washer but not beds etc plus all our personal items... not tv's etc we bought new. We also brought most of it back too! Anyway good luck with your investigations, there are some good links on this website uner 'the move' which will prob answer most of your questions together with the 1666 threads! Alison