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Phone home!!       started by leigh_and_ross on 22 Jul 2004   (1752)
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From leigh_and_ross

22 Jul 2004 7:50 PM
Hey guys, Just read the post by Tracey and Dave, which said that you were going out to buy phones etc. Just thought i'd post a message to say that we bought our UK phones with us and work perfectly here. All you need to do is buy a RJ11 cable (like one you use for a modem) approx $4 and plug one end in the phone and the other end into the regular Aussie phone socket and they work fine. Our phones were approx two years old. Leigh PS. For those of you coming here, take a look at AAPT (telecom provider). They have a good call cap rate $59 for a home phone and you can call as often, for as long as and whenever you like to UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, NZ, and nationally within Australia. This has saved us heaps compared to Telstra. If you don't use $59 in a month, you just pay for what you do use, but once you get to $59 you know your safe when the bill comes in!