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Can we take a trailer       started by janetm on 26 Jul 2004   (1765)
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From janetm

26 Jul 2004 12:10 AM
Hi Can anybody help me? We have a small trailer that we bought from B&Q 2 years ago for about
From iainandlorraine

To janetm

26 Jul 2004 12:29 AM
Hi you need an import licence as it is classed as a vehicle on the form they ask for chasis and VIN identification numbers as well as proof of puchase it will have its own plates over here and will need to be licenced annually this is in WA I dont know about the rest of AUstralia Hav'nt used our own camping equipment yet so cannot say about the power We took our Trailer Tent over without an import licence and our our movers this end managed to 'sort it ' but they do not recomend this option as as Customs may ask for it to be sent out of the country until licence granted hope this helps Iain ps import licence is fifty dollars
From ABCDiamond

To janetm

26 Jul 2004 9:26 AM
It may be worth looking at to see what an equivalent trailer would cost you when you get here. It may save costs in getting yours registered and checked and converted etc.