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Tumble Dryers???       started by Ruth on 30 Aug 2004   (2114)
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From Ruth

30 Aug 2004 4:35 AM
Hi We have just had some info through which states that it is probably not worth taking UK Tumble Dryers, I have copied here as follows:- 'Australia uses the same electrical system as the UK, 220/250 volts AC 50hz cycles, which means most of your electrical items from the UK will work here. However, some problems are found with items of a high wattage, such as tumble dryers. As Australian plugs are 10amp, these high wattage items need a higher amp plug and the only one available is a 15amp, which is a special shape. Now, to be able to operate with a 15amp plug you need to have a special power circuit/ring main especially to take 15amp plugs, which would require a very expensive house wiring alteration. If you are not sure, get an electrician to advise you as to what amp plug it would need and if it is over a 10 amp then I would seriously consider leaving it behind'. Has anyone herd of this before, we certainly have not and none of the four removal companies said anything and our tumble dryer is all set to come with us. Thanks Very Much Ruth & Jez
From Dave_Trace

To Ruth

30 Aug 2004 9:59 AM
Hi Ruth We've brought our tumble dryer with us, with 4 of us and all the rain we've had...oh boy I've been grateful we did bring it!! It works fine on it's own but if I put that and the washing machine on it trips the electric out. So you could well be right about the ampage. So, I just put it on on it's own and only use it whilst we're in the house...just in case! Bit of useful advice we had about our washing machine is to make sure the drum is secured before you pack it up, as it can get quite shaken up on the boat. We went to B&Q and bought some special bolt things and when we got the washing machine out Dave reckons one of the bolts had come it must've have some serious shaking! People do actually wrap towels around the drum to stop it moving...just remember to take the towels out before you use the machine!! Tracey
From MARK99

To Ruth

30 Aug 2004 12:00 PM
I've not heard of anyone being advised not to bring their tumble dryer. We brought our washer/dryer and it worked for a week but then packed in. It had been badly shaken on the boat (we think !!). Actually, it was sounding a little poorly back in the UK but we decided it was worth bringing. The good news is that we managed to put a claim in against the insurance and we've had a pay out. I'd definitely advise you to bring your dryer though. I miss the central heating to dry the kids socks on and as we don't have a dryer any longer I have to resort to setting up a clothes airer in front of our gas heater. Not ideal and it gets in the way of the playstation !! I think dryers over here are a bit expensive and because you can dry your clothes outside 90% of the time in winter I am a little reluctant to go out and blow a wedge of money on what I'd call a luxury. If you have one to bring over then bring it (if you don't want it when you get here I'll take it off your hands !!) Catherine P.S. It's a gloriously sunny day today and I've got 3 loads on the line !!!
From Paul_F


30 Aug 2004 12:19 PM
Personally - I'd take it. We brought ours and you do get some use out of it. Remember that in terms of inches you actually get more rain in Perth than in the UK - though it all comes in sporadic deluges over 4-5 months in winter, and thankfully often comes at night. As for the electrics - I only discovered this 15A/special socket business after changing the plug on ours. I've now put 10A plugs on all the 13A appliances, on the grounds that it's safer putting a smaller fuse in something than a bigger one. We've also had problems with tripping, but only when we have the tumble dryer and a fan heater on at the same time - which we now avoid doing.
From ABCDiamond

To Paul_F

30 Aug 2004 2:03 PM
Price of Tumble Dryers at from $299.00 To get around the electric tripping at times, you could get an extra power point in the laundry, but on a seperate main fuse to the one already there, and use the dryer on one, and the washer on the other. If building your own house, you could get the Electricians to put extra main fuses in the main power board, to avoid to much tripping. Our current house has twice as many as the old house, and we never have any power tripping problems these days.
From sarahc

To Ruth

30 Aug 2004 2:21 PM
Hi, we brought our tumble dryer with us & have used it without any problems - I think if you're filling a container & there's room bring it - ours has been very useful over the last few weeks ! Sarah.