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Buying a new car       started by Lincslass on 02 Jan 2010   (22400)
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From Lincslass

02 Jan 2010 7:15 AM
Please could anyone tell me what the process is and how long it takes for buying a new car after arrival in Perth? What do we need to know, do and take into consideration? We obviously want to minimise our car rental period. Cheers
From Kris+Rob

To Lincslass

02 Jan 2010 10:20 AM
Once you've made your choice and if you have the funds to hand you should be able to take your car within a day or two depending on the extras you want put on it. You need to provide proof of address ie drivers licence or bank statements etc
From fairylights

To Lincslass

02 Jan 2010 3:02 PM
Remember to negotiate hard on the price of both new & used cars. A lot of used cars are overpriced and you can often get new at a much better price. New cars deals often include stamp duty whereas with a used car you will get a hefty bill in the post - this makes the used cars initially look better value than a new car. Be aware that the car salesmen see new migrants coming from a mile off..........and Australians are not worried about ripping off anyone they can. The cars sales tactics may come as a bit of a shock.....the salesman will persuade you to 'put in an offer' (even for a new car)....then they go and discuss it with the boss who will try to get you to pay more....resist this and keep playing the game until you are happy with the price.....make sure you know what's included and what extra costs there may be. It doesn't finish there then have to see someone who will try to sell you tinting and paint protection to recoup what they have just discounted. Most cars come with a factory tint which is perfectly adequate for just driving around Perth - if you plan to do long distances on open roads then it is worth considering the tinting. You can buy products over the counter to do the paint protection yourself and as far as rust and corrosion goes, this is only really relevant if you live close to the ocean (and leave your car outside) where the salty air can cause rust & corrosion problems.
From Robshire

To fairylights

03 Jan 2010 12:02 AM
You can find stamp duty prices on the internet for used cars. I would suggest looking before you buy the car This link should help. Generally you would be looking at a used or new light vhicle As far as I am aware all new vehicles in wa are now priced as drive away. This includes dealer delivery and stamp duty. You just have to buy the car pay for metalic paint or any extras you want. I would agree that buying as new as possible is normally the way to go. As for window tint. If you are out in the sun alot it is highly recommended and you can choose to have it done by anyone. Car windows do have a slight tint but not much just like cars from the uk. The sun here however is very strong and it can help cut down the sun getting into the car and protect from sun damage and some are proven to reduce uv and glare! Hope it helps If you need any more help feel free to ask as I am a licensed salesman working in Wanneroo. Rob
From Lincslass

To Robshire

03 Jan 2010 10:07 PM
Thanks everyone for the info. Cheers